Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chase turns 4 and Soccer! September 2010

I can't believe our baby boy is already 4! He is a funny lil character and keeps us on our toes!


Celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese!
Chase loves all things Star Wars, especially Yoda!
Trying out for soccer!

Chase asked to play soccer this year so we signed him up and he was super excited to go to his first practice. After the first practice, he said "I'm done with soccer." We made him finish what he started and I am almost positive he will not want to play next year. Although he complained before every practice and before every game, he seemed to have fun once he got there. He was the youngest player on his team and it showed! The entire last game consisted of one hour of watching Chase run from his very own shadow. He could have cared less. We were so glad to see the season end!

Back To School for Patrick and Flag Football!

Summer went by quickly and school is off to a great start! Patrick enjoys school and he is learning so much! I am amazed at how quickly he is growing up. He is now in the second grade and had all A's on his first report card. He played flag football at Oxford and absolutely loved it. We had so much fun and even though it's called "flag" football...the boys seem to have a built in "tackle" instinct, it was really hard for them to remember NOT to tackle! Patrick learned alot this year and has decided that football is now the only sport he wants to play. I think it was just a year ago that he said he would never play football....never say never!

Patrick is beginning to shift from a silly little boy to a not so silly little boy. Of course when he is with friends or around girls he is still very silly but I am seeing a glimpse of something different. Just a couple of days ago both boys had acted out while at Lowes and they were told to go straight to their room when we got home. I put away my things, fixed know, giving them time to think about how many licks they were going to get. As I walked down the hall I heard them discussing the events that led to this. As I walked in, I was surprised to see them calmly sitting next to one another reading. Patrick had found the following bible verse and was talking to Chase about it. "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." Eph. 6:11 Wow! I'm not sure if he thought this would get him a free pass or if he really, finally "got it", but it was very encouraging for me to see! By the way, they both still got spankings, 2 licks each. Chase cried before it was even his turn. Which brings me to a another funny thought. Randy was out of town and the boys had been in bed for awhile, Chase had gotten up several times already when I warned him with "if you get up again, I will spank your tail." He quickly informs me, "Mommy, I don't have a tail, I only have bones." It quickly became one of those moments where you scoop 'em up and tickle them all the way back to bed because they are so dang cute and you can't help but love 'em!