Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Timber Trace

So we are all packed up and move over the mountain and through the woods to Overbrooke Forest. We have always loved the privacy of this subdivision and couldn't resist this beautiful foreclosed home that sits on over an acre lot surrounded by trees and wildlife. It was quite the challenge to seal the deal; it took aver 4 months to finalize the details and over 6 months to get moved in. A year later we still love the subdivision and have been blessed to get another set of terrific neighbors whom have also become dear friends. As far as the house and myself are concerned...I'm so over it. Its a great house and I feel we made a good investment, its nice having all my clothes stored in one closet instead of 3, it's fabulous having more than one shower, and I truly love watching the boys run and play in the wide open space. However, there are things I really miss... old neighbors, cleaning the floors by hand, the Koi pond, a front porch, and the weeping willow I planted in memory of my Dad. I do have plans to plant a Willow tree here. I hope to one day return to a much smaller house; keeping a large house clean is for the birds! I've lost the outside pics and the before and after pictures. I will post those eventually! Oh yeah, I almost forgot...buying a foreclosed house shouldn't be taken lightly!

They could not wait to use the "big jacuzzi tub." (me either)
Our first dinner guests, Nanny and Paw Paw.

Playing Catch Up!

Okay, so here's the deal...I'm not a very good blogger, surprise! I can't believe I've missed an entire year, but it is true. Ive debated on how to start over. Do I try to make up the lost year? Do I skip a year? It overwhelms me just thinking about trying to play catch up. I think I'll start with January 2011 skipping Christmas 2010 mainly because I've lost those pictures. If I find them, I'll just post out of order, I suppose. The reason I haven't been keeping up is because we moved in January 2011 and I was quite busy for the first few months, then came Summer, then came the new school year, then it just went down hill from there. Not to mention my laptop went to computer heaven and getting on the old Dell desktop just wasn't convenient...which leads to why I am just now attempting to catch up....I have a new laptop!!! I was given it as a gift and was able to pick out exactly what I wanted, a Mac Book Pro; I absolutely love it!
So here goes the attempt to catch up. I will begin with the big move which took place at the very end of January 2011. Below are some of the last pics I took of our old house right before we moved. Enjoy!


Dining Area

Packing the Uhaul! Not sure what we would have done without the help of the Harcrows, my Mom, and my brother, Adam.

Packing up on Seminole Drive...we sure do miss that place.
The neighbors whom became dear friends are missed more than anything!!
We have yet to sell this darling house, had we known it would take this long...We probably would have stayed put.
My Mom was a lifesaver during the move!