Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our first born, Patrick Randall

Patrick was born mid April just a few days before Easter and just three days after I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life. Oh, how different things would have been. What a blessing it was to bring a new life into this world under a whole new view based on a whole new set of priorities and values. Timing was perfect and I was ready to be a mama! Randy and I decided to not know the gender of our first born and we were both convinced we were having a girl!! HaHaHa. No, it was NOT funny when he came as a HE...not to me anyway. Randy was thrilled!! I, on the other hand, was mad at the world for about 24 hrs then of course I was forever in love.

Patrick aka "Patch" definitely has a first born nature. He is calm and laid back and has been since birth. He is independent and has a mind of his will not change his mind...he knows all things! He is a sweet boy, very thoughtful and gets his feelings hurt easily. He is generous to a fault. Last Christmas after opening his three presents from Santa, he put one aside (a $45 power ranger helmet, by the way, that "Santa" had to go all over to find because every store was sold out and he just happened to find one on the very top shelf behind other toys at the last minute!) He had asked Santa to bring this gift for his cousin...not for him. We didn't have a clue because Patrick is also very secretive. He has inner thoughts he shares with no one until the time is right. This way no one can interfere with his plans until it is too late. See, we tried to explain to him that Santa spent a lot of money on that gift and he should keep it for himself. "Nope, I got it for Jayden and Santa doesn't care or he wouldn't have brought it." Oh, well...Jayden got a power ranger helmet!
Patrick is very giving. If someone brings him something...he has to also give something in return. This is OK until he starts going through my jewelry because he needs a gift for a girl. Yes, he has tried giving away my diamond earrings and my class ring! He is also very observant. He pays attention to detail and this is one trait I definitely want him to keep. This causes him to be a perfectionist but also he notices the small things, like when I get a pedicure or a new shirt. Seriously, he is genuinely happy when I get new stuff and comments on it. He is usually the one who picks out my nail color! He loves to color and draw. He is good at it because he is so detailed.

Patch also likes things to be clean, especially bathrooms. Sometime during our first t-ball game this year, Patrick went missing. We looked everywhere and finally I found him hiding ; his pants were wet. Yes, my 6 yr old peed in his pants. I was shocked because he never had accidents even at 3! I asked "Patch... baby...why did you pee in your pants?" His response.." Mommy, I looked and looked and looked and could not find a clean bathroom anywhere had to pee in my pants." He was serious as a heart attack and could have cared less that he now had wet pants...nope...he walked right out to the field and finished the game. From then on, he used the bathroom before leaving home. And yes, I explained to him that he stands up, but that did not matter to him. "Those bathrooms are gross" he said.

On the other hand, he loves to dig in the dirt and pull bark off trees...he has done this for hours! He is fascinated with nature...bugs, worms, birds, frogs, lizards, flowers, rocks, stars, moon, sun, grass, etc., etc. He asks a thousand questions that I usually have to google to answer. He values all life! This child will pitch a fit ( I have seen this many times) if you even think about killing any living creature, even spiders and ants! We kill nothing! Well, when he is around, we kill nothing. I'll squish a spider in a split second and smile about it.

Patrick decided he wanted to try soccer, basketball, and t-ball this year and yes, we did all three. He wanted to quit all three after 2 wks in but we forced him to finish what he started. He hated all of it. We got our soccer sign up in the mail a few days ago and I asked.." Patrick, do you want to play soccer, basketball, or t-ball this year? You can pick just one if you want." He responded with " Uh, mommy, I don't want to play sports this year." I said " OK, well what do you want to do, want to take art or play piano?' He said "Uh, no mommy, I think I just want to be one of those people who don't do anything." Well then, OK...on to other things. He makes me laugh because he knows what he wants, he doesn't flinch! There is no talking this kid into anything.

Patrick is not a very affectionate child to anyone other than his mommy and daddy. His Nanny will offer money to get a hug! He doesn't give out hugs freely and I have never seen him kiss anyone but me and his daddy. He is very modest and doesn't like to bring attention to himself. He will not have anything to do with strangers or even people he somewhat knows. He is very cautious and if there is ever a fire...don't worry about Patrick...he will be the first outside! He takes no chances on safety and he watches his little brother better than I do. He doesn't have any favorite toys and never has really. He takes very good care of his things and keeps anything important to him in a safe place. He has a safe, a treasure box and a drawer full of special things. I have a mason jar full of things he has picked up for me in various places. The jar has rocks, feathers, a milk jug ring, pony tail holders, two nails twisted to form a cross, sequins, beads, single earrings, scraps of paper, marbles, etc., etc. He started bringing me "gifts" when he was 2, he would find these things throughout his day at daycare and for the first year I threw the "gifts" away. I know, I know, I should have kept them all but I didn't until one day. Patrick came home and as soon as we walked in he quickly took his shoes off and handed me the prettiest 2 pebbles. I said "why are they in your shoes?" I'll never forget it..he said " because the teacher said I couldn't put pebbles in my pockets anymore, so I put these in my shoes...for you." That sweet 3 yr old boy had walked around all day with two pebbles in his shoe that he had picked out for his mama. From that day on, I have saved everything he brings me but guess what? He rarely brings me things now but I love, love, love getting that mason jar out of the cabinet and looking at all my "gifts"!

This is our first born. This is Patrick. We couldn't possibly love him more!

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  1. How funny about the power rangers helmet. That is just priceless!!! That is sweet about the pebbles in his shoe. When I have children I will have to remember to keep anything they bring me. ;)