Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day 2010

Neighborly snow ball fight.
Pretty snow angel.
Mommy and Chase...Chase kept saying " I loooovvvveeeee snow days!
Randy trying to hit Patrick.

Ha Ha..Patrick is running from his Daddy.

We had a fun day but would rather have been in Maine.

Daddy helping Patrick with his first real snowman!
I thought they did a pretty good job on their first snowman...they named him Henry.

Tonja and Dwight...we miss them!!!
Snow in the South rarely occurs and even more rare is more than a dusting but we actually got a decent snow! The kids had begged for us to visit my sister and brother in law in Maine so they could see all the snow. This is the first winter my sister has lived in Maine and she sends us a lot of snow pictures. Patrick has always wanted to go sledding so we decided to take a winter trip to get the best chance of snow. We were on our way to the airport when Delta called and reported our flight had been cancelled because of the threat of snow in the southern states. The shuttle dropped us off at the curbside check in and it was confirmed.. delta had cancelled over 400 flights beginning at 9 A.M. Our flight was scheduled for 10:15. Seriously!! It was 40 degrees, clear and sunny in Maine and we, Alabamians that is, were expecting snow. We headed home with two very disappointed boys. We took our time and stopped to eat breakfast and did some grocery shopping in Atlanta. When we reached Villa Rica, GA...the snow started and whatya continued for hours! By the time we reached home we were covered in snow. It was the most I had seen since '93 and the boys have never seen this much. I didn't measure it but it was maybe 3". We had a blast with snowball fights, building snowmen, and eating snow cream! We were still pretty bummed about missing our trip to Maine but we got our snow fix for the year. We are hoping to plan another trip to Maine soon to see two of our favorite people, Tonja and Dwight.


  1. That is so funny about the snow weekend!!! It never did snow down here at my house- but about two miles from here at my friend's house it snowed about an inch friday morning. Weird huh? Looks like you had a lot of fun- and glad you didn't lose any power!!!

  2. Hi Jami~ Thanks for leaving the comment on our blog! Your family and church are precious to us! It looks like your boys are growing so quickly also! Spoke to Pastor Carlton the other day and hope to be able to come visit with ya'll again in May this year. Oh, and saw where you went on a mission trip to Ukraine...that is AWESOME!!! If ya'll go again, please let me know so that I can follow along and be praying while you are there. Looking forward to keeping up with each other through the blog and FB!