Thursday, July 8, 2010

APRIL 2010


We were so happy to have Tonja and Dwight visiting from Maine for the week, it went by way too fast, we always enjoy their company! We all went to church together and then back to our house for our annual egg hunt. The kids had a lot of fun with their cousins and always enjoy seeing who gets the most eggs. I always make a point to tell the kids the reason eggs are involved in our celebration of our risen Savior! I know there are different versions but I use the "new life" version and the fact that Christ died and rose again giving us a new life. We must earnestly seek Him everyday somewhat like we look for the eggs, hoping we get the prize. The difference is that when we receive new life in Christ, we have faith that we will receive His promise of eternal life!

At some point Captain America and a Bakugan battle brawler joined us!
(somebody has been in the dress up box) ( =

Birthday Boy!!

Patrick turned 7 just 2 weeks after Easter and celebrated with a party at the arcade in the mall. We all had a great time and his gift from us was a trampoline!! I have always wanted a trampoline and I am enjoying it with him! His birthday theme was Bakugan...I still dont understand what they are or how the game actually works and I am not convinced he does either but he loves collecting the bakugans and the cards, it keeps him busy for hours. Since he turned 7, I am going to list 7 interesting things you may not know about Patrick.

1. His favorite food is sushi...yes, raw fish. He chose Ono Grill for his birthday dinner and ate 12 pieces of sushi.

2. He hates it when he can feel his sock seams while wearing shoes. We have been through so many socks and he will not wear them if he feels the seams, but he refuses to go sockless.

3. He hates taking baths...he doesn't understand why he needs more than 1 a week. I have often wondered how long he would go without taking one if I did not insist.

4. He is very sentimental. So much that he saved the firework cartridges after July 4th, would rather keep his lost teeth than surrender them for money, and the older his clothes and shoes are..the better he likes them.

5. He loves to read and I am so thankful because I don't like to read and I blame it on a lack of reading when I was younger.

6. He is by far the slowest 7 year old in the world...I am willing to bet on that one! I can't figure it out and I can't seem to make him go any faster, I promise I have tried!

7. He wants to be an exchange student one day...oh me ) =

sushi lover!

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  1. That is too cute! I love that he loves sushi. I can't believe is 7. Wow.
    I miss you Jami!