Saturday, July 24, 2010

First grade...check!

Patrick has officially completed first grade, the year went by extremely fast! He received a medal at awards day for all A's and received the "stick to it" award in his class. I am not really sure what the award means other than they all get one of some kind and I guess maybe he got this one because his grades stayed consistent all year? Who knows? Anyway, we are pleased with his progress, he absolutely loves to read, loves math, and is really good at spelling. He talks most about playing football during recess and bible drills. It amazes me at how fast he can find a specific verse in the bible. We are very happy with FCS and the past two years have been a breeze mainly because of how hard the teachers worked to prepare us! They told us exactly what to expect and exactly what they expected. Patrick has learned so much not only academically but emotionally and spiritually. I love how the school turns every single thing it does back to Jesus Christ. I mean, everything! The children repeated after Mrs.Huie as she prayed this prayer one day before we all loaded up for a field trip and it reminded me of how blessed we are to have a school as this in our county!

"Dear Lord ...thank you for this day, thank you for allowing us to go on this cool trip. Please keep us safe. Lord, help us to be like you, so that others may want to know you. We love you. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Below are a few pictures from the year. Enjoy!

Kindergarten picture....He was just a baby.

First grade picture...where did my baby go?

Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Huie...wonderful teachers and two groups of sweet children!

Class of 2021?? OH MY!

Farm Day at Del Ray Ranch

End of the year Concert

Final Day.

One more from Farm Day!
Second grade...Here we come!!!

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