Monday, July 26, 2010

Hilton Head 2010

We love Hilton Head! This our first year to go somewhere other than the gulf and though we missed the crystal clear waters, we enjoyed the natural beauty of Hilton Head. The island is so pretty and because of tight restrictions it feels so private and not as commercialized as Florida and Gulf Shores. Buildings cannot be built taller than the tallest tree on the island and all businesses must be painted certain colors and kept within a natural setting. It was extremely difficult to find McDonald's and WalMart, they were hidden amongst palm trees and Spanish moss! The beach was quite different as the sand is darker and more compact. The water was extremely clean but hard to see through because of the darker sand. People rode bikes on the sand and played all sorts of games such as kickball and croquet. We saw a lot of sea creatures including a shark, alligator, sting ray, eel, a huge jellyfish, sand dollars, star fish...all of these things were alive! The first day, we collected a few sand dollars, dried them out and bleached them...they turned out beautiful! The next day, we found out we had broken the law! It is illegal to take any living sea life from the beach...oops!
We had a great time riding bikes, playing putt putt and eating a ton of yummy food!
We will return to Hilton Head in the future, but only after a trip to our beautiful Gulf!
View of the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean.

Lovely view of the lagoons and the ocean....ohhhhhhh......I am ready to go back!

Randy doesn't like my camera..or any camera for that matter ( =

Mama's beach feet! I love summer!

Chase enjoying a cherry-topped smoothie poolside.

Patrick lovin' the beach.

Taking a short walk with Daddy after dinner.

Chase's beach feet.

Having lots o' fun.

Linda and Roger ( Randy's Mom and Step-Dad)

Patch and Chase with their cousin, Kolton.
All three wanted a different TV channel / =

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  1. I like towns like that. Seaside east of Destin is like that also. Great pictures!